How to Cancel your Club Pogo Account Subscriptions: Pogo is a great source of amusement for the web-based game services that provide fun to the users but has a sort of club-pogo risk limitation. Hence, the requirement for pogo support can’t be Tested.

Experts on a few online sites are exceptionally notified with the procedure of the game and can give precisely some help.

Thusly, one of the misconceptions or the errors most players face is the Club Pogo membership, where players experience issues dropping the Club Pogo membership or canceling it.

Here you will locate the ideal guide that productively meets your club pogo subscription canceling issues. The discussion is to let the individual know how to cancel the membership service of the club pogo of premium advantages.

Club Pogo clients can entertain themselves with games that utilize a program with the Java-module, Flash, and a modern HTML5.

Clients can stack games in a ‘room’ that grant new players the to connect themselves with the game and visit. But sometimes, everybody comes at a point where they might want to cancel the subscription. Let’s see details about that.

What data is necessary before you drop your Club Pogo or Pogo membership?

There are a couple of things that you have to know before dropping your Club Pogo or Pogo membership. After you drop, you can have a left-over in the long run on your membership.

In case you select free trials, at that point, you can’t reactivate your account, and if you actually put it all on the line, at that point, you will get a receipt, right at the moment when you reactivate.

So stick to the following steps in the event that you need to drop your Club Pogo membership:

  • To start with cancellation, visit
  • After that, access your Club Pogo account.

how do i cancel my subscription to pogo

  • Click My Account in the upper right half of your screen.

how do i cancel my subscription to pogo

  • At this point, you have to input your secret phrase.
  • Now, your POGO screen must be like the Pogo Billing and Subscription page.

Club Pogo Billing and Subscription

  • At this point, click the Billing and Subscription name on the left-hand side.
  • Afterward, click the Cancel your membership link.

club pogo membership - pogo subscriptions

  • You may be approached to input your password for security reasons.
  • Re-enter your secret phrase, and then another screen can appear to request that you check your Club Pogo canceling out.

pogo billing screen -free club pogo trial membership

  • Click the button of Confirm Cancellation to affirm and drop your much is pogo membership

PLEASE NOTE: After the cancelation of your membership, you’ll have the option to play the rest of the time for you. There are a couple of things to understand while dropping club pogo membership or Pogo membership.

  • When you cancel the membership, you’ll have the option to play out the rest of the time, which is left on your pogo game membership.
how to cancel club pogo membership Subscription
how to cancel club pogo membership Subscription
  • You won’t get any free trials anymore while reactivating your record. If you do this, at that point, you’ll be charged when you reactivate your account.

For standard free Pogo clients, there is no membership expense. Trials are not required for these free accounts.In case that you need to disable your Pogo Account regardless of it’s a paid or free record, which eliminates subscription to Pogo and EA sites, you’ll ready to ask for disabling your account by reaching Pogo Games Helpline Number .

At the point when you will speak with a specialized help individual, you have to share the following data:

  • Your Pogo Screen Name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • The last four digits of the Mastercard which is utilized to pay for your Club Pogo membership (or recently paid for a Club Pogo membership).

how to get club pogo membership for free

If, by any means, you face any trouble with respect to How To Cancel Your Club Pogo Subscription at that point, don’t hesitate to call on the Pogo Games Support Number .

Nonetheless, customers who need Pogo Support can speak with Pogo to reduce their necessities. The firm experts work dedicatedly relentlessly, and the clients don’t have to stand by to get support for their solutions.

Once in awhile, specialized errors that influence games are essential in nature and can’t be fixed by Pogo Tech Support. The specialists deal with those sorts of difficulties. They are arranged to manage such a specialized issue and have various long reaches of meetings behind them.

Consequently, some specialized issues that influence Pogo games include program crash, solidified games; sign in issues, etc. In such cases, you can call Pogo Phone Number; the directors of Pogo deliver time support to gamers who face issues in getting to their records, the people who require re-modifying Pogo Games in their PC and to the individuals who face issues with exchange and charging.

Besides the ordinary help, Pogo upholds additionally controls the clients with various parts of Pogo games, which help to improve the gaming experience.

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In this discussion, we discussed how you could cancel your club pogo account with details and easy steps explained. For more details and questions, comment in the box below.


What amount is a Club Pogo membership?

Find a comfortable place to sit and attempt Club Pogo free for 7 days. Stick around and keep all your participation benefits for just $6.99 every month. You won’t be charged until your preliminary closures.

Is Pogo shutting down?

Third, POGO shuts somewhere around specialists, yet the law office says online administrators have no designs to close deliberately. The legislature of Makati City in Manila shut down a Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) and captured 51 individuals this week after the organization was discovered to be working unlawfully.

Does Club Pogo have an application?

The application offers full-highlighted variants of a few Pogo games, including Poppit!, Word Whomp, Turbo 21, Mahjong Safari, and Sweet Tooth 2. The Kindle and Android renditions have fewer games than iOS adaptation.