How To Fix Pogo Games Screen Resolution Problems Easily

Here is how to Fix Pogo Games Screen Resolution Problems: Who doesn’t like a clear screen while playing games? Of course, no one. And for a better experience, people prefer buying gaming pc. The majority of Pogo players already play games on Windows and Mac computers.

When playing a game, high resolution is vital since it may make it more lifelike and engaging than ever before. The graphics in games with HD resolutions appear so lifelike that you forget they aren’t real-life images at all.

But have you had a problem with screen resolution? I guess yes that’s why you are here! Let me help you with this, continue reading.

What is the screen resolution?

Screen resolution refers to the clarity of text and images displayed on your screen. 

At larger resolutions, such as 1600 x 1200 pixels, things appear sharper, and icons and text appear brighter and clearer. In lesser resolutions, the opposite occurs since the screen and icons become larger and less clear. Nowadays, it is difficult to even use a computer at a lower resolution.

All screens must have a high resolution of at least 720p, 1080p, 1440p, pixels, gaming, or higher. This is due to the fact that a higher resolution allows you to view more on your screen at once and in better detail.

When you use a higher resolution on a monitor, you will notice an improvement in image quality, which will make it easier for folks with eye problems or who require glasses to see better. 

How To Fix Pogo Games Screen Resolution Problems Easily?

Before you change any settings on your computer, I advise you to try some basic troubleshooting.

  1. Close the Internet Explorer window in which you were playing games.
  2. Reboot your pc and wait for it to reboot. Properly
  3. Open the Pogo Games and see if it helps.

For windows 

The steps to fix Pogo Games screen resolution problems easily are as follows:

  1. Go to your computer’s desktop and right-click. 
  2. There are a few options available from which select On-Screen Resolution or Display Settings from the drop-down menus ( For Windows 10 ) 
  3. Now modify your resolution from this point on.
  4. Adopt the setting and press the Apply and Ok buttons.

Tip: if you are a member of Club Pogo then set the screen resolution to 1024 by 768 or greater depending on your system capacity, and for the free Pogo users, set the screen resolution to 1152 by 864.

For  Mac

  1. Take a look at the very top of your Mac’s screen. The apple icon can be found on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on it and choose System Preferences Now. 
  2. Then select Display and look at all of the screen resolutions that are available for your system. 
  3. Select the resolution for your pc.
  4. Change the settings and uncheck the system preference.
  5. Restart your system.

Tip: Screen Resolution for Club Pogo Members should be 1024 by 768 or above, and for Free Pogo Members it should be 1152 by 864.

Still, having trouble to fix?

  1. Reset and close your internet browser, then uninstall Java and restart your computer.
  2. Install the most recent version of Java on your computer and test it. 


How do I fix my screen resolution for games?

In some games, Windowed Mode may appear in place of the Full screen option. You can also try manually adjusting your computer monitor.

  1. From your desktop, right-click and select Personalize.
  2. Select Display Settings.
  3. Adjust your screen resolution to 1024 x 768 and click Apply > OK.
  4. Try playing your game again.

Why does my screen resolution change when I play a game?

The resolution isn’t supported by the display. This usually means the screen can’t display anything more than the smallest, lowest resolution images.

In this scenario, your monitor may display 1600×900 at 60Hz natively, but you’re trying to view 1600×900 at 57Hz, which is not supported, and which could result in a shifted display or the monitor displaying a black (blank) screen.

How do you enlarge the screen on Pogo?

The screen saver is usually on the right-hand side of your screen. Find the symbol showing four arrows pointing outward. Clicking on it will increase the screen size. Once it’s enlarged, click on the arrows that point inward to decrease the size.

The bottom line about Pogo Games Screen Resolution issue

There are two types of Pogo games that one can play: Pogo’s Free and Limited Edition, With a Club Pogo membership, you can gain access.

In order to have a better Pogo experience, you must have the correct resolution for both versions as advised by Electronic Arts. You can also contact Pogo EA customer care for assistance in setting it up.

Since Microsoft has discontinued security updates for Windows XP and Vista, I recommend that you no longer use these operating systems. 

I have already written a piece about how to solve pogo games that aren’t loading, so check it out if you’re having trouble loading.

I hope this was helpful.